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Use it along with the exclusive spreadsheet, website, and app, before your next interview or performance review, and walk in confidently with the power of documented accomplishment metrics on your side.

Includes Access To Bonus
"Working From Home Anywhere" Chapter.

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What's in the book:
  • Chapter 1
    • Your Job
  • Chapter 2
    • The Company
  • Chapter 3
    • Your Boss and
      Upper Management
  • Chapter 4
    • Your Coworkers
  • Chapter 5
    • HR
  • Chapter 6
    • Recruiters
  • Chapter 7
    • Your Salary
      or Hourly Wage
  • Chapter 8
    • The 'Old' Way and
      Your Resume
  • Chapter 9
    • The 'New' Way
      and The Template
  • Chapter 10
    • How to Use
      What You Now Know
  • Chapter 11
    • Prepare for That
      Job Interview
  • Chapter 12
    • Prepare to Ask for
      That Raise or Promotion